Small team, big dream. Low budget, high standards. Impossible, I'm possible. A note on the MBP members.


MAx has always had a passion for music nevertheless his musical demonstrations, which began when only a child, had been put aside temporarily. An unexpected sequence of recent events, however, drew MAx back to his inspirations taking him to follow his heart and engage in music.

Committed to his full time job, which he treasures, MAx also finds time to dedicate himself to a so called hobby, the MBP. Writing lyrics, creating melodies and singing are MAx’s main contributions to the MBP.

Rick B

If MAx BLuE is the inexperienced man with the pen, voice and plan, Rick B is the experienced musician with the instruments and intuition. He has interpreted MAx’s lyrics and vocal melodies creatively and with ease, demonstrating to be a talented music all rounder.

Displaying inventive skills, impressive insight and cutting edge technique Rick B is responsbile for the instrument arrangements, sound engineering and song production and has been key in making the MBP come to life.


As nobody does anything on their own, and bringing to light the collective spirit of the MBP, some musicians have been invited to take part on a few of the MPB tracks.


Ricardo de André has demonstrated versatile technique whilst commanding the riffs and solos on the guitar tracks and Joachim Ribeiro has displayed his rhythm and moves on the percussion.

Siddartha Ahearne

Sid is the man responsbile for the song animations and has not failed to display his impressive drawing abilities and professional character.


He has been called upon to give life to the MBP message in a simple but insightful manner and has managed to do so.